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KeepMeTight - Enhancing Lives

The creator of KeepMeTight® didn’t have time to agonize over her midsection after having 2 children. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, her days were spent worrying about project deadlines and spit-ups, not crunches and sit-ups. So she did the math, 2 kids + 2 C-sections + 1 busy career equals a mommy who needs her body back and fast. But how? Like most women, she turned to shapewear to fix her problem.

After an exhaustive search, she discovered that finding a good shaper for the tummy area was a challenge. The fabric quality, comfort level and amount of support weren’t always on the mark. Realizing the need for everyday shapewear that smooths the most stubborn pooch or muffin top, stays in place and feels natural - the idea behind KeepMeTight® was born!


Through months of research, fabric analysis, and rigorous product testing, the wife and busy mother of two designed a prototype of the first KeepMeTight® product - KMT Band. The KMT Band and all products to follow are adjustable, breathable, made with natural materials, super comfortable, and serve as "tools" for your health and wellness regimen. KeepMeTight® proved to be the founder’s best creation, well, besides her beautiful babies!

KeepMeTight® is ready to redefine the way you look through its premium products at a great value – try it yourself.