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What areas of my body will KeepMeTight® address?

KMT Band is designed for the full abdominal area (from underneath your bust to your low waist or underwear line).  KMT Band is best suited when medium to firm compression of your abdomen is desired.  Plus, you will also enjoy the benefits of lower lumbar back support and promotion of better posture.

Support Band is designed for lower abdominal coverage (below your natural waist) and back support around the S1/L1 region.  Support Band is suited to smooth our that troublesome pooch while enjoying back support and posture improvement.  Made with the flexibility to set your desired level of compression, the Support Band is interchangeable to be worn to provide greater support of either the lower abdomen or back.  That's the beauty, you choose!

What is KeepMeTight® products made of?

Our goal at KeepMeTight® is to ensure that any fabric that touches the skin is durable, breathable and reduces any irritation to the skin.  Also, we value using the natural properties of fabrics and materials to guarantee the intended function for each product.  So you will find great research and engineering has gone into integrating the right materials and fabrics into our products.

How do I know which size to order?

When purchasing KeepMeTight® products it is important to order the right size to achieve your desired look, comfort level and need.  Refer to the Fitting Room for more details on how to choose the appropriate size product.

How do I care for my KeepMeTight product?

Each of our products will come with care instructions on the label.  However, as a general rule we recommend the following product care:


Hand Wash in Cold Water

   Hang Dry or Tumble Dry, Low Heat

   Do Not Bleach

   Do Not Wring

   Do Not Iron


KeepMeTight® will not honor an exchange for any product due to improper care.


Are there particular seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer) that my KeepMeTight product should be worn? 

KeepMeTight products are designed to be worn during any season.

Will the KeepMeTight products help me lose weight?

KeepMeTight® products do not make you lose weight. The products can be used to enhance your figure and provide core stability, not to replace your nutritional and exercise regimens.



How is my product packaged?

Each product is nicely wrapped and packaged for shipment and delivery to you.

With every purchase of a KMT Band, you will receive a free gift – a fashionable pouch. The pouch is multifunctional and can be used not just to store your product, but also as a make-up bag, travel case or light clutch, for example.



Is sales tax added to my order?

Sales tax of 6% will only be charged for orders shipped to the state of Maryland.  

Sales tax is not applied to any other state in the continental United States.



How is my order shipped?

Orders are only shipped to the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

All orders shipped within the continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii are shipped using United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority mail.  As noted at checkout, this shipping typically arrives within 2-3 business days after your order is filled.

Refer to Shipping Policy page for more information on shipping.

What is the process for returns/exchanges/refunds?

At KeepMeTight® we only accept exchanges.  Please refer to the Exchange Policy page for more information on our policies related to returns, exchanges and refunds.